For a company to be successful in its digital transformation process towards I4.0, it is necessary to make changes at both the organisational and cultural level, where a series of points must be taken into account: 

A technology-enabled production management model ensures digital transformation

Reduce or eliminate old, manual production management and control models; they are now obsolete but were the basis for new production models based on the development of digital technologies.

The interconnection of different production systems and an innovation-oriented approach to products and processes are necessary because they achieve an optimal digitalisation of production.

Digitisation in document management

Say goodbye to paper-filled folders and filing cabinets that often caused lack of transparency, search delays, potential loss and other failings; because digitising documents helps optimise resources and ensures greater efficiency and productivity, as well as helping the environment

Optimal maintenance management

Minimise the use of corrective maintenance, where the habit of fixing a problem only when it fails; I4.0 companies are 100% committed to continuous maintenance. This helps to diagnose in time and then reduce production downtime and increase the life of assets.

Process automation

We recommend automating and digitising machines, to reduce human intervention to ensure that they work properly. An automated industrial production helps to improve management and reduce the overall costs of the company; it also improves the work methodology, which means that you will have workers with better working conditions. (Remember that changes must also be made at a cultural level where the centre, are the people)

Machine data management and analysis

It is necessary to reduce the overload of machine data to make it easier for operators to analyse. In an I4.0 company it is important to have tools that help us to read the data generated by the machinery. In this way, we will be able to join variables that will help us to manage and analyse ideally, which will have benefits for the optimal use of machinery and will also be reflected in an overall improvement in production.

Exemplary organisation for digital transformation

Change and elimination of those strategies applied only for the benefit of partners but to the detriment of employees.

In general, being an exemplary organisation means holding and treating all areas and staff of the company with equal priority. Some basics to achieve this are:

  • Good internal organisation
  • Precise definition of work routines
  • Training of employees
  • Prioritisation of tasks to be performed
  • Organisational communication
  • Ability to overcome problems quickly and efficiently
  • Continuous motivation
  • Work teams in good working conditions.
Continuous performance

Leave behind the management of the company without a definitive strategy. Defining clear goals for continuous performance is very efficient if you want to improve productivity and competitiveness.

Continuous performance is achieved if there is a direct relationship between the quantity of work, the hours worked and the quality of the tools to achieve the purpose.

How to implement these requirements in my company and achieve digital transformation? 

Now that we have explained the requirements to achieve digital transformation, we also want to show you how easy it is to implement them with partners like Innova IT. A company specialised in consultancy and implementation of digital solutions.  

Innova IT makes management and consulting to achieve each of these requirements and help you become an I4.0 company, also have solutions that make this process much easier for you as they are: 

  • MES (To achieve a production management model with digital technologies) Ideal for the development of intelligent solutions for production management, adapted to the needs of any type of company. Bringing technological intelligence to decision-making in the plant or multiplant. 
  • CMMS – GMAO, (For optimal maintenance management) maintenance solutions, modular and 100% adapted to the needs of our customers. We bring intelligence to maintenance management and visibility to all types of users from a lifecycle management perspective. 
  • Industrial automation, (For process automation) Solution with tailor-made services according to market needs. PLC, SCADA and multibrand HMI programming services.
  • INNOBOX, (For machine data management and analysis) Industrial Edge – Cloud IoT solution that simplifies the capture, analysis and exploitation of industrial machine data. It does this in an easy way with control devices, it allows machine manufacturers and plant managers. With this, they can analyse the data and KPI’s of their industrial machines at the click of a button, both at the machine and without the need for the internet.

Innova IT offers these and many other solutions that will help you meet all the requirements your company must complete for a digital transformation towards I4.0

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