The e -POLCA system manages to reduce production times by constantly detecting and raising bottlenecks in the production plant, always achieving the minimum MLT (Manufacturing Lead Time) and without management (no control, no planning, no support).

This flow control software for complex factory environments works with loops between functional cells (groups of machines) by disallowing production at one station if the next in its path is overloaded. This networked system allows the system to make decisions to constantly rebalance flows and load/capacity ratios.

The e POLCA system is ideal for production companies with discrete flow, customised product, low manufacturing volumes and high variability of process routes (networked flows and with few main arteries); where planning and management of manufacturing orders is very complex and uncertain.

What is e-POLCA and why is it a software flow controller?

It is an intelligent software connected to the plant ERP that works to maximise the productivity of the production plant.

Compared to traditional planning software, it does not maximise productivity by maximising the efficiency of each work centre, but rather by maximising the performance of production flows as a whole and adapting to the reality of each moment.

Logo e-POLCA

e-POLCA functions

  • WIP Reduction
  • Monitoring and Analysis (WIP, Delivery Dates)
  • Capacity control (people, machines)
  • Visualisation of OF status in real time
  • Production time estimation.
  • Interconnection with other operating systems (API).


  • Production forecasting.
  • Flexible production.
  • Detection of bottlenecks.
  • Downtime reduction.
  • Easy integration with ERP and MES

We recommend it for Manufacturing Companies because these companies need it:

  • Adapt production in a flexible way, avoiding stoppages and always detecting bottlenecks.
  • Predict production changes in order to make quick corrections.
  • Plan and prioritise production orders.
  • Synthesise production information at plant level to optimise communication.
  • Limit plant wip, which will consequently reduce queues and therefore customer delivery lead times.

If you want to see an example of how this software flow controller could be applied in your company, we invite you to watch this video.
(Video in Spanish)

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