The evolution of industrial processes has led companies to increasingly increase their equipment availability, and with this comes management costs that are somewhat considered normal, but the reality is that there are tools that guarantee an automated maintenance solution that reduces costs and increases production benefits.

Different types of maintenance

In general terms, maintenance is the set of activities that are carried out on certain elements, machinery, processes or spaces to ensure their optimal state.
Within the industry, there are two main types of maintenance that are carried out for the proper development of industrial processes: corrective maintenance and preventive maintenance.


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Corrective maintenance:

This is maintenance that corrects defects already found in machines or processes.
It is the most basic form of maintenance and consists of locating faults or defects in order to correct or repair them.

What are the principal characteristics of corrective maintenance?

  • Carried out after the fault or breakdown has occurred.
  • May generate unplanned costs (if maintenance has not been planned).
  • Its execution can be planned and unplanned.
  • It can be carried out by qualified industrial staff or by external companies that provide the service.

Preventive maintenance:

This is the maintenance of equipment or installations by carrying out inspections and cleaning to ensure that they are in good working order.

What are the principal characteristics of preventive maintenance?

  • Early replacement of parts and components
  • Periodic overhaul
  • Maintenance is carried out when the device is stationary

Automated corrective and preventive maintenance

The most effective way to have full control over maintenance, whether corrective or preventive, is through automated maintenance systems that facilitate and streamline processes.

The ideal system for this is CMMS.
CMMS stands for computer-aided maintenance management system (software). In other words, it is a computerised system that streamlines the management of various maintenance tasks and operations.


Among all the CMMS systems on the market, you should find one that is as complete as possible and meets these requirements:

  • Corrective and preventive maintenance management
  • Asset life cycle
  • Purchasing and spare parts warehouse management
  • Technical and economic history, etc.

The system we recommend is PRISMA.

A 100% web-based application that brings intelligence to maintenance management and visibility for all types of users from a lifecycle management perspective (TLCSM). It allows progressive implementation thanks to its modularity, and complies with the main international standards, such as PAS 55 (ISO 55,000).

PRISMA is considered the standard system on the market and a benchmark for any maintenance professional.

Here is a video that explains it better.

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