In the industrial market it is very common to find needs that must be applied regardless of the size of the company. Every company must still leave aside some traditional management methods and give way to new tools that are part of digitisation. One of these needs is ‘Edge Computing’ and in this article we will explain what it is, why it is a necessity and how you can apply it in your company.

Digital trend for enterprises: Edge computing.

Edge computing offers the possibility to process information closer to where it was created, which means that companies will be able to analyse and work with data in near real-time. We have more and more devices around us that generate data continuously: Autonomous vehicles, Smart Cities, Video Games, Smart Factories, and many more.

European spending on Edge Computing will reach 24 billion by 2021; and the manufacturing industry will account for the majority of this Edge Computing spending with most of it focused on IoT and robotics. The goal is to achieve full factory autonomy through the analysis of data generated in their production equipment and systems. 

  • Flexible, fast, scalable and reliable production. (OEE%)
  • Optimisation of the supply chain through predictive production tools.
  • Simple and efficient integration and exchange of information with other information systems (API).
Edge computing

Edge Computing is fundamental as a point of information, analysis and integration of both the factory’s production systems and external systems (Cloud); this tool brings IT resources closer to the central point of data generation, optimising and accelerating the delivery of value, decisions and business intelligence, having an impact on all areas of an organisation and therefore it is essential that you can apply it to your company… BUT how to apply it?

How to apply this tool in my company?

Although it sounds a bit complicated to be able to apply Edge Computing in our company, it is easier than it seems and this thanks to tools that facilitate the whole process such as: Innobox

INNOBOX is an industrial Edge – Cloud IoT solution that simplifies the capture, analysis and exploitation of data from industrial machines; it does it in an easy way with control devices. It allows machine manufacturers and plant managers to analyse the data and KPIs of their industrial machines with a single click, either at the machine without the need for internet or remotely. In addition, it also allows you to: view OEE, (Machine Online), receive machine alerts, analyse these data (shift comparisons, filtered by recipe or time period) and much more.

The tool that every industrial company needs to be able to apply Edge Computing and leave aside this market need is: INNOBOX.

You can see more information about Innobox by clicking here.

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