The implementation of digitalisation processes in industry is becoming increasingly common and comprehensive.  Artificial intelligence and software development come together to form the most complete tools on the market to offer Industry 4.0 solutions.

Industry 4.0 solutions are so broad that it is necessary to categorise them in order to have a better idea of the benefits they provide in specific industrial digitisation processes.

We present 3 Industry 4.0 solutions that will surely be of great use in the industrial digitisation of your company:

Soluciones Industria 4.0

Industrial solutions offered by Innova IT

Solution in operation and production processes: MES


CAPTOR is the MES system (Manufacturing Execution System) designed to provide technological intelligence in the decision-making process in the plant.

The organisational deployment of the tool makes it possible to increase efficiency, streamline the supply chain, adjust flexibly to the needs of demand, synchronise manufacturing processes and have real-time plant status.

Its knowledge generation tools enable accelerated operational improvements (industrial metrics) in the plant, making them visible in optimised business indicators.

  • OEE, KPI, Performance
  • Plant Control and Information System
  • Quality and traceability
  • Document and tool management, etc.

Automated maintenance solution: CMMS

PRISMA CMMS is a 100% web-based application that brings intelligence to maintenance management and visibility for all types of users from a lifecycle management perspective (TLCSM). It allows progressive implementation thanks to its modularity, and complies with the main international standards, such as PAS 55 (ISO 55,000).

PRISMA is considered the standard system on the market and a benchmark for any maintenance professional.

  • Corrective and preventive maintenance management
  • Asset life cycle
  • Purchasing and spare parts warehouse management
  • Technical and economic history, etc.

Solution for planning and flow control: PLANNING

Logo epolca

ePOLCA manages to reduce production times by constantly detecting and raising bottlenecks in the production plant, always achieving the minimum MLT (Manufacturing Lead Time) and without management (no control, no planning, no support).

  • Automatic regulation of the production flow
  • Balancing of workloads creating an environment with minimum work in progress.
  • Drastic reduction of management and planning
  • Reduction of manufacturing lead time and stock in process (WIP)

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