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We offer a solution that serves as a software flow planner or controller for complex factory environments

Monitoring and Analysis (WIP, Delivery dates)


Algorithmic planner QRM POLCA

Real-time OF Status Visualisation

Capacity control (people, machines)

Innova IT Product

The system manages to reduce production times by constantly detecting and raising bottlenecks in the production plant, always achieving the minimum MLT (Manufacturing Lead Time) and without management (no control, no planning, no support).


Reduction of WIP

Monitoring and Analysis (WIP, Delivery dates)

Capacity control (people, machines)

Real-time OF Status Visualisation

Estimation of production time.

Interconnection with other operating systems (API).


Production forecasting.

Flexible production.

Detection of bottlenecks.

Reduction of downtime.

Easy integration with ERP.

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We recommend it for
Manufacturing Companies
because these companies need:

Adapt production in a flexible way, avoiding downtime and always detecting bottlenecks.

Predict production changes to make quick corrections.

Plan and prioritise

Synthesise plant-wide production information to optimise communication.

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