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Supervision, Control and Data Acquisition of the production with connection to the plant, by means of sensors and other elements that allow absolute control for the operator or engineer in question.








Main functionalities

Real-time SCADA system to control your plant and equipment.


Panorama E2 is the ideal SCADA platform for creating powerful and secure applications. It is suitable for use in any area of activity that relies on SCADA/HMI for monitoring, from conventional facility management to the operation of complex industrial and scientific facilities that require very high levels of safety and security.

  • Water and energy consumption analysis.
  • Track the performance of your equipment.
  • Receive alerts on deviations in user building comfort/building consumption.
  • Create custom indicators.
  • Create and leverage customised dynamics and reports.
  • Correlate information across different time periods.
  • Create comments.
  • Optimise your installation.
  • Develop synergy between all energy efficiency players.
Key elements offered by panorama

A software platform dedicated to the challenges of Digital Transformation: Industry 4, smart buildings and smart Cities.

A single configuration workshop to design all your Panorama applications.

For many years, cyber security has been the technical pillar of the Panorama Suite.

Open design so that third party additions can be easily integrated into your Panorama applications.

Modular architecture to adapt resources to your needs.

Collect, centralise, model, use and analyse your data to improve your operational performance.

Caracteristicas scada
HMIs designed to improve the user experience

The development of simple and effective HMIs is an essential step in the development of any high performance.

With Panorama E2, you deliver value to your operators by customising the front-end interface to their activities and profiles.

  • Create HMIs that your users can interact with by combining ergonomics and user experience: alarms, notifications, monitoring functions, trends, performance tracking, KPIs, etc.
  • Design efficient and effective SCADA applications thanks to an engine.
Panorama Mobile, The power of Panorama E2 in your pocket

As an effective complement to your traditional SCADA

Panorama Mobile offers a new user experience in the world of SCADA. Whether your role is as an operator, team leader or production manager, you can access all the relevant information you need at any time, in the field. Visualisation, real-time control, KPI monitoring, etc. Take advantage of all the benefits of the feature-rich technology that is integrated in your mobile devices (GPS, photo, QRcode, etc.).

Real innovations at your fingertips

Transform data into valuable indicators

Panorama H2 is a stand-alone solution for collecting, archiving and analysing all or part of an installation’s data.

Once data has been collected from all types of sources (including PLC, DCS, Panorama SCADA), Panorama HISTORIAN processes it directly into its database, performs calculations, and simplifies the work of reporting and publishing.

All users have access to the data recorded by Panorama HISTORIAN (Production, Maintenance, Quality, Energy, Management, etc.) to analyse the performance levels of their facility using the performance indicators they have defined.

Manage a combination of communications protocols and equipment.

Independent communication interface supporting a combination of real-time data and telemetry acquisition protocols.

Controls your communication devices to connect to remote equipment.

It standardises information originating from various protocols and makes them available to your customer systems.


Does your company need it?

Whether you are an operator, supervisor or manager, you can tailor SCADA control and management to your business and processes.

The freedom to design and implement your applications will allow you to:

Reduce your design costs

Simplify and streamline your developments

Reduce your design costs

Facilitating the creation of scalable applications

Keep your systems running

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