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Solar photovoltaic panels

We are working towards the production of energy on our own.
We use sunlight by means of the photoelectric effect to convert it into energy ready for consumption.

Savings on electricity bills

Green energy consumption

Corporate social responsibility

Minimum maintenance

Installation subsidies

Photovoltaic system

The benefits of installing photovoltaic panels are both individual and collective

On a personal level, a photovoltaic installation allows you to reach an electricity consumption bill of almost €0 and to be totally independent in the supply of energy for your home, you generate your own energy. With the global instability, energy costs are rising, so it is not out of the question that the price of electricity will also rise.

At the collective level, the environmental impact of the carbon footprint is reduced to 0.

We are all aware of the consequences of climate change for the planet, but reversing these effects starts with ourselves, by generating and consuming our own green energy.

How does self-consumption work?

Solar energy: a renewable energy source that is changing the world.

By having solar photovoltaic panels, along with all the necessary elements for its proper development, you can connect to the electrical installation to automatically have a drastic reduction in the electricity bill.

In general, it works as follows:

The cells or panels absorb solar energy composed of light and thermal radiation.

This solar energy is taken by the panels and transformed into electrical energy.

The electric current flows through the regulators and is then conducted by the regulators to the batteries.

The electrical energy is stored in the batteries and then released to the inverters to be converted from direct current to alternating current.

When power is required, the system will supply the equipment and systems that request it.

Solar panels

They capture the sun’s energy and convert it into direct current electricity.


Transforms direct current into alternating current.


It accounts for the electricity that is consumed from the grid (if necessary), and the electricity that is injected when not all the solar energy generated by the panels is used.


It allows the surplus energy produced by the solar panels to be stored for later use during the hours when there is no sunlight.

how solar panels work

This may vary depending on whether or not your installation has batteries.

For further advice, please contact us and we will carry out a detailed study of your hourly consumption, advising you at all times to maximise the performance of your installation, minimising the cost of the same, with no obligation whatsoever.

We adapt to your needs

Generate your own green energy and get a drastic reduction in your electricity bill while helping the environment

Installation in houses, flats, farms and any place where your home is.

We help you evaluate your consumption patterns to maximise your bill savings

Our highly qualified team installs your system within 2 to 4 days

We manage all procedures and subsidies

Amortisation of your photovoltaic installation between 2 and 8 years

Photovoltaic installations for offices or industrial buildings.

Drastic savings in electricity bill costs

Social Corporate Responsibility

Revaluation of property assets

Personalised advice

Possibility of obtaining subsidies or tax breaks

Clean and renewable energy

What is the process?

Contact us for advice

Technical visit for evaluation

Processing of permits and subsidies

System installation

Monitoring and maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A photovoltaic installation has a amortisation period of between 2 and 8 years, although there are several factors to take into account that can influence this time, among them are:


If your main consumption is during the main hours of the day, you can rely on the direct electricity generated by the photovoltaic panels. On the other hand, if your consumption is higher when there is no sunlight, you should have an energy storage system such as batteries.

Size and type of installation

Depending on your electricity consumption we can size the number of solar panels you need, and we can recommend the size and type of installation that best suits your needs to give you the most benefits.


Components of the photovoltaic installation, such as panels and inverters, have reached their lowest price and have been maintained over the last few years.


These have a major impact over the years. If we adapt our actions to our production, solar energy is used to the maximum.


The amortisation period can be reduced by taking advantage of discounts, support and subsidies offered by many municipalities.

The price of your installation depends on the analysis and evaluation made
by our experts according to your specific case.

Once your self-consumption installation has paid for itself, the panels can produce free energy for decades.

The regulation of self-consumption allows plant owners to feed surplus energy into the grid and be compensated for it. This makes it possible to reduce consumption costs on electricity bills to practically zero.

There are specific regulations for electrical installations that regulate the certification and insurance of products, ranging from the types of cables to the level of protection that photovoltaic installations must have.

Even if the temperatures are low, the photovoltaic solar panels will continue to work thanks to the light obtained. Even if there are fewer hours of daylight, they will still be sufficient to generate the energy we need in our home or business.
A complete covering of the photovoltaic panels in the event of snowfall would reduce their performance, although it should be noted that it is very difficult for snow to settle on them due to their inclination to capture the maximum solar radiation.

How is maintenance carried out?

Maintenance of the installation by remote monitoring based on predictive management of
failures and performance losses through real-time analysis of metrics and KPIs.
This maintenance management minimises possible failures in the installation and optimises
the preventive maintenance actions to be carried out.

The cost of maintenance depends on the type of installation and its
implementation follows the following scheme.

IoT integration in the
photovoltaic system

Continuous improvement of the
predictive maintenance model

The photovoltaic self-consumption installations have a useful life of more than 30 years
generating clean and free energy.

Processing of support and subsidies

In Spain there are several active subsidies between 2021-2023 that come from the Next Generation European Union plan, and which are managed through IDEA (by the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge); but there are also aids and bonuses offered by the government to encourage the use of renewable energies, such as the deduction in the IRPF (personal income tax).

On the other hand, local councils also offer reductions in IBI and ICIO that make it even more profitable to start consuming your own solar energy.

The subsidies vary depending on the autonomous community where the installation is located, in some cases you can find all these benefits:

The maximum percentage of subsidies for installing solar panels is between 30 and 40% for individuals, and between 45 and 60% for companies. Taking this into account, the price of your installation can be reduced by more than half.

If your home or your community of owners has photovoltaic solar panels, you can deduct between 20% and 60% of the total amount of the investment made in improving the energy efficiency of the house or building from your Personal Income Tax (IRPF).

A rebate of up to 50% of the full amount of the tax could be obtained.
This will always depend on the municipality and the type of property the consumer owns.

The rebate can be as high as 95%.
However, it would vary according to each municipality.

We take care of the processing of available
subsidies as well as bank financing

We have financing agreements with some banks and savings banks.
If you are interested, we will inform you at the same time as we carry out a personalised study of your installation.

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