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Industrial IoT

We develop IoT solutions for industrial customers to simplify the collection, analysis and exploitation of data from industrial machines, in real time without human intermediaries.


Industrial IOT


Industrial IOT solution that simplifies the collection, analysis and exploitation of data from industrial machines, both at the machine and remotely, in an easy and non-intrusive way with the control devices.
With INNOBOX, we can obtain and analyse data at the click of a button:


Production analytics

Fault analytics

Compare turns

Preventive maintenance

Production forecasting


Discover all the benefits INNOBOX has for Machinery Manufacturers

Analysis and exploitation of data without the need for an internet connection.

Reduced downtime and increased productivity. Production forecasting.

Autonomous surveillance system 24/7, 365 days.

Multiprotocol PLC, Ethernet/IP, Allen Bradley, Modbus, OPC-UA.

Integration with customer operating systems ERP, MES, GMAO, SCADA’S. BI.

Multiuser solution.

Reduced operating costs, due to process optimisation.

The data demonstrates the
importance of this tool


Zettabytes of data were generated by the world's connected devices in 2019.


Of the companies that have edge computing, they value data security protocols.

x 4

Between 2020 and 2025, edge computing is predicted to quadruple.


Of the data generated by the company will be created or processed in edge computing.


Of organisations are actively investigating edge computing.

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