The processes in the factory are becoming larger and more complex as the company’s production increases, which is why a system is needed to allow decision-makers to make decisions while production is running; a solution in operation and production processes is needed.

Where should this solution operate in process operation and production?

The production and general operation in the company takes into account a series of activities that generate goods and services that, depending on the type of company, may be less or more complex in their processes. The solution to be implemented must help to plan, organise, direct and coordinate production and then make evaluations and data readings.
Thus, taking into account that all areas are directly or indirectly linked to production, the solution must be implemented to act and take into account the entire factory.


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What factors should be taken into account when choosing the best process operation and production solution?

The basic standards to be met by this solution include:

  • OEE, KPI, Performance
  • Plant Control and Information System
  • Quality and traceability
  • Document and tool management, etc.

In short, this solution must fulfil 3 basic objectives for the proper operation and production of processes:

Connected factory

Automated and centralised in-plant production data capture, controlling quality, traceability and information generated.

Real-time production control

Real-time equipment analysis (OEE) for total production control.

Supply chain optimisation:

  • Planning
  • Raw material stock
  • Lead time

Continuous improvement of production processes

Continuous improvement of manufacturing based on the analysis of information captured in real time and the knowledge generated from this information.

Solution MES

If we talk about a solution in operation and production processes, we must mention the MES system, a technological tool for production management, which adapts to the needs of any type of company, providing technological intelligence for decision-making in the plant or multiplant.

Within the wide range of MES systems on the market, Innova IT recommends CAPTOR.


CAPTOR is the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) designed to bring technological intelligence to the decision-making process in the plant.

The organisational deployment of the tool allows to increase efficiency, streamline the supply chain; therefore, to flexibly adjust to demand needs, synchronise manufacturing processes and have real-time plant status.

Its knowledge generation tools enable accelerated operational improvements (industrial metrics) in the plant, making them undoubtedly more visible in optimised business indicators.

Here is a video that explains it better:

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