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Systems integration

We analyse and implement integrations between the different processes and sectors of the factories allowing to optimise the exchange of information in a faster and more efficient way.

and control

Precision in the processes


Personalised systems



Streamlines communication between systems

of analysis
for operators

Innovative system

Integrated systems based on the implementation of technological intelligence

At Innova IT we manage the process of bringing together component systems into a big system to obtain a collective cooperation capable of offering global functionality also counted with information technology as a process of physically linking different computer systems and software applications to act as a coordinated unit.

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The ICTs that support this model incorporate the following differential elements:

Features of extreme efficiency between the different agents involved in the value chain, machines with machines, machines with people, materials with machines, etc.; all of this incorporating loT into the reality of the plant.

Integrated management of the different business areas in the plant; this facilitates the creation and distribution of customised technological intelligence for the decision-making needs of each individual, from top management to workers.

Plant process modelling capabilities that enable teams to deeply understand the performance of things, define configuration standards beyond knowledge based on the experience and experiment to identify new ways of doing things.

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