inteligencia artificial

Artificial intelligence applied to industry

Artificial intelligence is associated with technology and innovation; its development over the years has helped the technological world to evolve through the combination of algorithms designed with the purpose of creating machines that have the same capabilities as human beings. Below, we will explain some examples of what artificial intelligence has achieved.

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Gemelo digital

Digital Twin: How to apply it to the industry?

A digital twin is a digital representation of a physical object, process or service. These virtual replicas are ideal for making simulations and collecting data with which to predict how a process would work before changes are implemented on the real objects.

This is how these projects can be developed for replicas of objects, buildings, parks or entire cities.
In fact, digital twin projects have also been registered for NASA spacecraft.

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Industry sectors highlighted in Catalonia

The Catalan economy is based on strong industrial activity. Manufacturing and industry-related services account for 50% of Catalonia’s GDP. The industry sectors in Catalonia are powerful and diverse, capable of generating growth due to its capacity to form synergies between many activities.
Industry is characterised by being highly diversified, with the following sectors being the most prominent:

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