Industry sectors highlighted in Catalonia

The Catalan economy is based on strong industrial activity. Manufacturing and industry-related services account for 50% of Catalonia’s GDP. The industry sectors in Catalonia are powerful and diverse, capable of generating growth due to its capacity to form synergies between many activities.
Industry is characterised by being highly diversified, with the following sectors being the most prominent:

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Tendencia industrial 2022

Technology trends for the industrial sector in 2022

2021 was a year of recovery from a global pandemic, and as a result, many companies in the industrial sector strengthened their ties with technology to make their way towards digital transformation.
These ties are the reason why we will have big technology trends for the industrial sector in 2022; virtual reality is one thanks to the launch of the new Metaverse, but what other technology trends will be part of the industry this year?

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