MES is a system that achieves the development of solutions for smart production management. Therefore, it can adapt to the needs of any type of company; from INNOVA IT we have developed this project achieving optimisation of productivity and providing technological intelligence to decision-making in the plant to achieve an improvement in production.

Project architecture and technology.

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Existing needs

This company had general challenges and needs that were not conducive to optimisation of productivity:

  • Real-time production analysis.
  • Reduction of production costs.
  • Streamline decision making by workstation.
  • Shift production control.
  • Advanced production analytics

Project development

  • OEE and LTA (Lost Time Analyses) Analysis
  • Design and implementation of real-time control Dashboards:
    • Analysis of production ratios.
    • Supervision management by area.
    • Operator management by turn
  • Tracking of production by turn.
  • Analysis of historical and evolutionary OEE and LTA.
  • Master data integration.


  • Improvement of OEE (productivity).
  • Reduction of deviations on planning.
  • Reduction of production stoppages.
  • Faster delivery times.
  • Less work in progress (WIP).
  • Reduced inventories.
Production analysis per turn
Advanced production analytics
Tracking de fabricación por turno
Production tracking per turn

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