In industry, it is the machine manufacturers who have the greatest responsibility to keep their products as technologically up to date as possible. That is exactly why it is necessary to be clear about the best IIoT Solution for machine builders.

Industrial IoT Solution

Industrial IoT (IIoT), or Industrial Internet of Things, brings together sensors, instruments, machines and other devices connected to a cloud and industrial applications.

For machine builders, an IIoT solution is key to digitising processes and improving productivity, so it is important to have the right tool that has as many benefits as possible.

IIoT device

Improving a machine in an easy and non-intrusive way is possible if you have the right tool; that is why, on this occasion, we would like to recommend an IIoT device designed to improve machine production.

Innobox Industrial IoT

INNOBOX, allows machinery builders and plant managers to analyse the data and KPI’S of their industrial machines, through a single click, either at the machine without the need for internet or remotely.

Benefits of an IIoT solution

Among the benefits offered by this IIoT solution for machinery manufacturers are:

  • Monitoring of machine performance
  • Real-time and historical visualisation of the installed fleet
  • Improved transparency and customer satisfaction
  • Optimisation and improvement of products and services
  • Optimisation of after-sales services
  • Saving of unnecessary journeys

Real-time OEE production analysis relating the three key factors of industrial production: availability, performance and quality, allowing you to reliably visualise and understand the production system in order to take immediate improvement actions.

Innobox features. The IIoT solution for machine builders

The one-click system allows you to analyse and obtain data such as:

Software IoT

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Connection to other systems 

This tool can also be connected to other systems. Through our cloud platform service you can have full control of all machines and data.


It is our cloud platform service, where you can have control of all your machines and access your data from any device through a web browser. 

INNOBOX CLOUD, also allows you to analyse the data from all your machines together, making it possible to compare them and exploit the information on an individual basis. 

  • Remote exploitation of machine data
  • Statistical analysis between machines
  • API, to share information with other data exploitation systems, MES, BI, CMMS, SCADA, etc.
  • Secure connection via VPN and SSL data encryption.

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