IIoT solution in the automotion sector. Solution for the online analysis of a stamping machine. As a result, the reduction of operational and maintenance costs was achieved.

IIoT solution in the automotion sector
Analytics & KPI’S – IIoT solution in the automotion sector

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  • Increase the productivity times of the press line (40%).
  • Implement a non-intrusive system with the PLC line, but that allows to analyse and know the behaviour of the line, in the context of: (Productivity, Performance, Quality, Alarms / Events).
  • Multi-user and friendly system with different user profiles.
  • Secure external connectivity.


  • Integration of data from the PLC in charge of controlling the press line. OPC UA.
  • Data normalisation and historification.
  • Data processing, analysis and calculation of KPIs.
  • Dashboard design with the most significant KPI’s.
  • Definition of permission rules for different user profiles.

Results after applying IIoT solution for the online analysis of a stamping machine

  • Productivity improvement 25%.
  • Reduction of operational and maintenance costs.

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