This IIoT solution for painting machines was applied to an integrated surface treatment company that offers painting lines as part of its services; in this case, they wanted a solution that would bring added value to the painting machines, but incorporating new Industrial IoT functionalities.

Maquinas de pintado
IIoT solution for painting machines

More applicable solutions for companies in industrial sectors


  • Bringing more added value to paint machines, but incorporating new Industrial IoT functionalities.
    • HMI: Real-time process web monitoring
    • Historical management and analysis
    • Remote management of equipment
    • Connectivity with the customer’s management systems: ERP | MES | SCADA | CMMS
  • Detection of possible problems in the operation of the machines.
  • Providing a historical data management system, and therefore detecting possible product improvements.
  • To have historical data standardised and processed in order to be able to apply predictive maintenance actions.
  • Improvement of the maintenance service
  • Reduction of operating costs, derived from travel.

Development of IIoT solution for painting machines

  • Integration of data from the PLC in charge of paint process control. OPC UA.
  • Design and creation of the paint process database.
  • Programming of process triggers and alarms.
  • Design of the process monitoring screen.
  • Creation of automatic reports and messaging processes.
  • Programming of the historisation of all the process information.
  • Creation of the dashboard analysis with production indicators (KPIs).
  • Definition of permission rules, but for different user profiles.


  • Reduction of incidents
  • Improved production process
  • Increased hardware value proposition
Entorno web multiusuario - multidispositivo
Multi-user – multi-device web environment
Real-time monitoring

KPI’S production:

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