The development of this IoT SCADA for production was carried out in a company specialising and pioneering in the design and manufacture of electronic electrical protection devices.

Solution for the Electricity Sector

More applicable solutions for companies in industrial sectors


  • Control and act on process variables and control devices such as PLC’s, to guarantee the correct operation of the line.
  • To have a historical data tool available for subsequent analysis and then, to help continuous improvement.
  • Integrate the information to other management and operation systems of the plant (MES, ERP).
  • To have a correctly updated database.


  • Frontend development of the web application (operating screen, user management, analysis, configuration).
  • Backend development: database connection, connectors to the different information sources.
  • An Ubuntu server was created, so that it could carry out the necessary tasks for the correct functioning.
  • Implementation of a LAMP, a Web service (Apache), MySQL (Database) and PHP (for framework).
  • Installation of the IoT environment, NBS for the Agent (in charge of collecting and sending data to both the PLC and the bbdd programmed with python).
  • Development of a series of scripts to have the client’s database and our database updated correctly.


  • Real-time production control and management
  • Improved OEE productivity
  • Reduction of stoppages
  • Traceability and analysis of the entire production process.
  • Continuous process improvement
Process manager
Laser machine lots

Laser machine preparation

Validate elements

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